Cacao Vita Difference

Freshness Guarantee - How Online Ordering Works

We ship once a week, every Wednesday morning and only ship a limited number of products during each shipping window.  By doing this we can guarantee the quality of the product you receive is the absolute highest available online.  Every single one of our products is packaged to order so we don't have any inventory sitting around losing flavor.


  • We ship once a week - All orders received before Tuesday at 12:00pm will ship out each week on Wednesday morning.  All orders received after Tuesday at 12:00pm will ship the following week in the next shipping window.  For example, if you place an order on Thursday it will ship out Wednesday.  If you place an order on Monday it'll ship out on Wednesday.  If you place an order on Tuesday at 6:00pm it'll ship out not the next day but the following week on Wednesday.
  • Cacao Nibs - Cacao Nibs come from the Cacao bean which has an outer shell that needs to be removed before they can be enjoyed.  We clean, crack, and de-shell all Cacao Beans to order meaning you only receive the freshest and highest quality Cacao Nibs available on the market. 
  • Coffee Blends - All of our Coffee/Cacao blends are roasted three days before the ship date, resulting in the best coffee available online.