Chapter 4 - July 1st 2017

We added Georgia and Ohio to the list of states that we have received orders from so thank you to those customers that have taken a shot with our products, we greatly appreciate it!

Our team enters July on the back of the momentum we picked up in June. We have been attending local farmer’s markets throughout the week as well as various trade shows and festivals out of state, including the Cleveland Vegan Fest in early June.  The people of Cleveland were extremely welcoming and astounded at the different tastes found within each origin of Cacao.  Every time we see a new customer taste Cacao from the different countries we source from and experience the different tastes found within each one we feel a sense of purpose and know that the product we are providing is of the highest quality. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for our newest coffee blend debuting this month.  It is the “Caroline Street Blend” which features some of the highest rated double picked beans out of Sumatra.  This is our darkest roast to date and perfectly captures the wild jungle essence of this tropical Indonesian island.

The journey of Cacao Vita can only go as far as the incredible customers that enjoy the products we produce take it and we are extremely excited about the customers that have ordered from us and continue to reorder with us!  The journey has been a fantastic one and we are looking forward to holding on for the ride throughout the summer.  Thank you very much for stopping by and have an incredible day!!!

- Cacao Vita