Chapter 2 - May 1st

It is absolutely crazy the peaks, valleys and the rollercoaster of emotions you feel from week to week, day to day, and hour to hour when starting a business.  You feel like the world is crashing down on you one minute and the next your first customer repurchases from you and you find yourself instantly floating around on cloud nine.  That sums up the month of May.

I would like to give a shoutout to "Customer #2".  Having customers  repurchase from you is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment.  It is one of those peaks you reach that brings you out of a self deprecating valley you were just seconds before trapped in.  You start to believe that your product might not be half bad and people actually enjoy it!  "Customer #2" brought us out of one of those and I want to thank him along with all of our customers that have taken a shot with us this past month!  Thank you!

This past month marks our first ever sale as a company!  It happened at the Rochester Public Market, which we attend on Thursday and Saturday mornings.  We also started attending the public market at The University of Rochester Medical Center which takes place on Wednesday afternoons.  It has been a real pleasure interacting with all of the wonderful people you run into at these events from other vendors to the consumers that make them possible.  Our team is focused on continuing to build these relationships while preparing for our first online orders which we will start accepting on June 1st.

Last note - Our team launched our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook this month and they can be found @Cacaovita.  Please check those out as they have worked extremely hard putting those pages together.

Have a fantastic day!! 

- Cacao Vita