Chapter 3 - June 1st

June has arrived and with it comes the opening of our online store.  We are shipping across the US and have received orders from NC, MD, NY and AZ.

May was an incredible month.  We doubled our sales from the month of April and saw numerous repeat customers, which validates the quality of the product we are offering.  Our recipe page is now up and has eight delicious recipes for you to try.  As you use our products be sure to send us your recipes as we would love to feature them on our page.  We also added another Origin in May.  These were Cacao beans we sourced from the Beni department in Bolivia.  These beans have an incredibly unique taste.  They are softer than the beans we have had before, start off earthy but as you chew them the unique chocolate characteristics come through.  If you haven't tried these before we highly recommend.

June brings with it a new set of challenges as we look to continue to build on the foundation we have started.  That foundation is built with a high quality product, high quality customer service and a team of people that care about the customers we are serving.  We hope that you continue to follow us on our journey to bring exquisite Cacao to your kitchen.  Thank for stopping by and have a fantastic day!!!

- Cacao Vita